Solutions for guillotine shears

Blade pads

A precision system for linear and straight cuts
How it is made  Unlike the traditional machines that only have two guides at the ends of the blade, X-Cut shears are characterised by a series of adjustable pads every 200 mm, which maintain the blade accurately in position.    How it works  The Blade Pads system ensures linearity and (...)

Back gauge

Precise cuts, every time.
"How do I always get this precision?"  "With the built-in back gauge, not subject to vibrations due to the motion of the blade."  Since the back gauge is fixed to the machine's frame, it is not affected by vibrations related to the movement of the blade holder.      Thanks (...)

Anti-torsion system

No more twisted pieces
"Can we control the twisting of the workpiece?”  "Yes, stabilizing it on the back.”  During the cutting process, the material tends to twist. Because of this, the work-piece must be pushed against the upper blade. This opposing action allows us to prevent the twisting (...)

Sheet metal hold-downs

Never lose your grip
  Gasparini X-Cut shears have independent hydraulic sheet metal holders: they can be operated thanks to a selector, either in automatic during the cutting cycle, or separately from the cutting cycle.    Regulation of plate holders is carried out by means of proportional valves (...)

Automated cutting lines

Productivity at its fullest
  Gasparini has a vast experience in manufacturing cutting lines, from the simplest machines to the largest robotic systems.    Our shears are versatile and powerful, and can also be included in quick production cycles for high volumes, without reliability problems and with (...)

Sheet back support

Move cut pieces easily and quickly
Back supports allow to move cut pieces according to production needs. They are available in 3 versions.    • Version A [standard] moves vertically and rotates. It lowers during the cutting phase and then tilts to let the cut piece slide away.          • (...)


Solidity and flexibility at the same time
  The bench is a monolithic and milled block. It is an integral part of the machine and like the rest of the structure it has been designed and optimized with FEA methods (Finite Element Analysis).    The bench is equipped with movable elements with scroll balls, freely repositionable over the (...)

Front supports

A helping hand
  Standard front supports are fixed to the bench with screw clamping and can be displaced according to the needs. They are equipped with some standard accessories:  Concealed gauge Measure ruler Squaring arm with side stop   Other options are available upon request:  Extended (...)


Delem 360: brain power
This powerful numerical control automatically calculates the best cutting angle and the gap between the blades according to a preloaded database of materials. Each program can have up to 25 steps and you can store up to 100 programs.    The CNC is also able to handle the cutting length, various interface (...)

Hydraulic circuit

Heart, blood and veins of your guillotine shears
  Gasparini designs and produces a special proportional hydraulic system. It is optimized for each size of shears, with high-quality components and reliable parts.    It manages the pressure of the sheet metal holders indipendently from the cutting force. Cutting length is set according (...)

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