X-Press hydraulic press brakes

X-PRESS ECO is the result of the innovation strategy of Gasparini combined with 40 years of experience in the design and production of press brakes. Its wide range is able to satisfy the most sophisticated and complex customer needs, thanks to flexibility, high performance and high quality standards.

The X-PRESS is available in a wide range of models and powers. A skilled technical office and a flexible manufacturing plant allow to produce even very high tonnage machines, with any bending length.

With stand alone, tandem and tridem configurations, with a wide range of accessories (back gauges, front supports, clamping systems, sheet followers, controls, etc.), with tailor made approach, we always guarantee the best solution for every production need and every set of technical and economic constraints.

press brakes


Less energy consumption, more efficiency

  • Power, only when you need it

    The motor is controlled by an inverter that activates the motor only upon initiating the bending sequence, thus providing power only when needed.

  • Same result, 50% less energy

    The consumption of an electric press brake and the force of a hydraulic press brake are combined in saving as much as 50% in energy consumption, while providing enhanced performance.

  • Less waste, less maintenance

    Decrease of the maximum oil temperature that results in less energy waste, longer life of the oil and the pump and lower maintenance costs.

  • Less noise

    63 dBa on operator side: the same as a normal conversation, more silent than a vacuum cleaner.

  • Higher speed: 250 mm/s

    The best in the industry with the fastest approach and return speeds.

  • ACSG2

    High-speed, high-precision active crowning with reduced energy consumption

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